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Everything is done on the internet these days, and conventional advertising just doesn't cut it anymore. Understanding that, 9 out of 10 business decisions are based on a web search, and only those businesses that invest in serious internet marketing will be successful.

Marketing is an investment. If you see it as an expense, stop reading this page and think of one single successful company that does not do any internet marketing.

Before spending any money in internet marketing, you need a well thought out plan. Why? Spending thousands on a new website will not get people to come to it. Making a video does not guarantee people will watch it. Even if you make them watch it, they may not react to it. This is why you need a plan.

I read statements from self-proclaimed internet marketing gurus everyday. It never fails to amuse me that they can't get their own website on the first page of Google, but they claim they can do wonders for you. Their fancy terms like SEO, SEM and ROI makes me LOL.

So...what do I have to offer as a marketing consultant? Well, I don't have fancy Internet Marketing graphics stolen from other websites, for starters.

I have started four successful 100% online companies in Toronto in the past five years with ZERO marketing budget. All my websites rank on the first page of Google, and my phone rings everyday. Having said that, being on the first page of Google through search engine optimization still does not guarantee anything or everything.

Here are the proper steps and what I will help you with as an Internet Marketing Consultant:

  1. Your approach to business and your business plan

  2. Set up a long-term marketing plan with goals and timelines

  3. Analyze your online presence and advise what should be done

  4. Plan and and execute your Internet visibility and video marketing

  5. NO, I will not help you with social media, unless you can tell me you shop at Facebook and Twitter. (I thought so)

  6. I will provide you with a full report and a two year marketing plan, with suggestions and reasons why

If any of this unconventional Internet marketing approach appeals to you, give me a call...but remember, I'm a consultant. No free advice.


Here is a fancy Internet Marketing Graphic to cheer you up. I didn't steal it, though!