Corporate Video Services and Rates by Juan Fanzio, Corporate Videographer

The one thing you need to know about corporate video production is that it's not a product, it's a service billed by time. You get what you pay for, but a more experienced video producer will be able to offer more quality and creativity in less time, which equals affordable corporate video production by efficiency, and quality videos by experience.


Corporate Event Videography

I shoot and produce a short two to three minute video highlighting your corporate event. The finished video will answer the five 'w' questions, include key moments and speeches, as well as some interviews and color b-roll shots. Music and standard graphics such as names, titles, company name, logo and URL are included. My corporate event video production rates for up to four hrs on-location shooting, plus editing and three minor revisions, is $749.


Corporate Profile Videos

I produce three different styles of corporate profile videos. All styles include music, standard graphics package, and three minor editing revisions:

  1. Transparency and credibility corporate video profile: Created entirely from interviews of key corporate organization members talking about themselves and the corporation. These videos are very powerful, informative, and have the most credible image compared to paid actors and pretty shots of nothing. A cameraman and producer package are required for these types of videos. The rates start at $1,500 depending on the number of people to interview and number of locations to attend.

  2. Classic corporate video profile: Usually driven by a professional voice-over or CEO interview, plus numerous shots highlighting everything being mentioned along with music, graphics, and a call-to-action ending. These videos range between $2,000 and $12,000 depending on requirements.

  3. After Effects corporate video profile: Very much like my demo reel - heavy effects-driven; very intense; beautiful shots; and a very strong, concise message. Similar to a movie trailer or a TV show opening. These video are short but very time consuming to produce. They can be very affordable by purchasing pre-made templates, or very expensive if custom made. Pricing will range from $1,200 for pre-made package, and the sky (or your budget) is the limit for custom video production.


Video Testimonials

After working many years in television, I have acquired great interviewing skills that allow me to quickly get a great testimonial clip from anybody. Here is where skills and efficiency pay off. I charge $399 for video testimonials, at one location, with up to two people being interviewed.


Product video production

Your favourite shopping website probably is your favourite because they have a video for each product. By 2016, 90% of all web content will be video. Rates for product video production should be discussed for bulk and/or long term basis' to ensure a uniform look and to save on production costs.


Instructional video production

Instructional DVDs are a thing of the past, but instructional videos are often a make or break when it comes to buying a product. Making instructional videos for online distribution not only will save you money, but also increase your sales and product credibility.


Waiting room promotional video loops production

Waiting room videos are great for up-selling or informing people while they wait for your services. These videos are easy to produce as they are mostly video and graphics driven, and don't require music pacing or sound. The price of waiting room videos start at $499.


Safety training corporate and industrial video production

Safety training videos are often required by law for certain companies. Safety video production prices range between $700 to $1,500 per finished minute. The best way to deal with your safety video is to have someone like myself shoot and edit on location to ensure total accuracy and client satisfaction.


Corporation office and industrial plant video tours

I technically invented Steadicam video tours, and I do similar videos for real estate agents on a daily basis. Depending on size and location distance, you can expect to pay between $499 to $1,500 for a company or industrial plant video tour.


Creative viral video marketing production

Creative marketing viral videos are often spoken about as if they can be bough at the corner store. From my experience, I can tell you it takes three ingredients (not bought at a corner store). A good idea, a big budget, and a big set of balls. I got two of the ingredients. Do you have the other one?


Small business promotional storytelling videos

I love making storytelling videos for small business. I spent my last two years in television shooting small business videos, and I'm always fascinated with the stories behind most business. My storytelling small business videos cost $750 and I can guarantee you will love it!


Website welcome, about us and services video production

Website intros are another of my passions. They are like a visual elevator pitch. It takes creativity and great marketing sense to create website welcome and intro videos. Usually, About Us, web intro, services, and testimonial videos are done as a package to save on production costs and to ensure total marketing success. Call me to discuss your video production needs.